Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Turn-Off of the Week...and it's only Tuesday

So a guy wrote this book. And maybe he didn't pick this cover image (though he self-published, so it's likely), but here's what he has to say about it on HTML Giant: "...The state just busted in one morning and told us we had to close up shop, put the tape around the house, and confiscated the manuscripts... Thankfully, we were able to get a picture of the one person who read the books before they took them, and we decided to put that person on the cover."

What does that even mean? Are you being self-deprecating and saying your book sucks and only has one reader? Or are you making some kind of joke about how unlikely it is that a hot woman is smart enough to read? (Really, she's just there to sell your book, right?)

Someone explain to me how this flippancy is ok. Preferably to my face, if you think you can handle it. Because no one at Giant is commenting on the cover (to be fair, article just went up today). Why does it so often seem like there is no feminist presence in the indie lit community? We get R. Gay writing the occasional piece on how rape is bad even if the NYT doesn't seem to think so, but other than, seems like yet another prick club.

I'm probably just being a crazy, humorless bitch, right? Prick. Stop putting nearly naked women on the covers of your probably-also-sexism-inside books and pretending you're being post-feminist ironic or some crap. You're being a douche, that's all. An unoriginal, dudebro douche. Go read Maxim and high five or something.

PS-Turn-Offs are going to be a regular thang now. We're calling you all out. Will do some Turn-Ons too, don't worry.


  1. duh, every indielit hipster in the know knows hot chix don't read; like, it's part of the brotherhood, like a secret handshake or tossing off on a pewter plate. & duh, every indielit dudebro knows it's indielit not indieclit, so get off our backs you feminaggingists...

  2. Oh, Roxy Music. *sarcasm* I get it now.... It's been done. Bad enough to be a commodity, but also a cliche? I need a shower.