Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We are:

  • Writers. Published writers actively seeking community and the advancement of literature.  Lovers of words printed and typed. Distraught that 27% of Americans claim to not read even one book per year. Supporters of small indie presses. Suspicious of those negative nancies who desire to focus solely or primarily on “bad writing” rather than “good writing,” or who don’t understand how thankfully subjective those concepts are. 
  • Feminists. Big ones.  Keep your –isms off this site, and keep your hands to yourself. Unless we tell you not to. We like the mens as much as the womens, for reals. Or however you identify.
  • Huge fans of satire and subversion. Expect satire and subversion, love satire and subversion, lick satire and subversion.
  • Inclusive. Cliques are sooooo Class of Whenever-You-Graduated-High-School. Stop by, let’s drink dirtinis and eat seitan taquitos.
  • Pretty fucking socialist.
  • Pretty fucking disgusted with politics, corporations, Sarah Palin, and society’s rule by expensive electronic devices.
  • Pretty.  And scary sexy.
  • Brainy.
  • Mouthy.
  • A tad 2012 conspiracy theorist-y. Have made plans to take big guns and big scary dogs into the woods and hide out with some big hot anarchists until breathing gets too difficult. We will use both the log cabin and teepee methods of fire-starting.
We want:

  • The literary world to stop taking itself so freakin seriously all the freakin time.
  • Exponentially less elitism in said literary world that takes itself so freakin seriously all the freakin time.  A delicious middle ground between writers waiting for someone else to promote them and writers who are too full of themselves to like anything outside of their Best Young Poets/http midget/Neo-Formalista/[insert name of literary movement with nothing but mutual back-scratching and self-congratulatory tendencies]. Result: healthy literary community(ies) full of intelligent conversation including much-needed, but not obnoxiously riddled with excessive, self-promotion.  Easy.  Like us.  Just kidding.  We’re still figuring out what all that means, but it’s very important to us.  Like dirtinis.
  • To be post-patriarchy.  But we aren’t, and neither are you, and neither is your state or our state or the country or the world.  So don’t push that crap here.  You’re either with us on that, willfully ignorant, or a sexist asshole. 
  • Everyone to have a decent job and free healthcare, to be smarter and better drivers and nice to each other in a “you know I love you and that’s why I give you so much shit” kind of way.
  • Rachel Maddow to be president.
  • Real equality.  Best American Genre-of-Your-Preference to include writers outside of academia.  To be able to marry each other if we want to.  Except marriage is scary.  But options and first class citizenship are nice.  And everybody likes to be asked.  Pffft.
  • More blue cheese-stuffed olives in our dirtinis, please.
We will:

  • Wax poetic, wax intelligent, wax on, and wax off.
  • Subvert and satirize to the very best of our collective abilities.
  • Talk about literature for reals, including what we’re working on, books/journals/presses/writers we love, and whatever comes up. Talk about politics sometimes. Make many references to food. We heart food. And sex. And the two together. Bonus!
  • Love you long time.
  • Run your ass out of our cyber-town if you say ugly sexist, racist, homophobic, classist, or other ridiculous discriminatory things.

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