Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking news: Sam Purple has found a friend

Yes, readers, it's true. This is the news that httpmidget don't want you to know...

Sam Purple, celebrated misanthrope and author of Something Something Clone and Eat Something Yeah and Human, was waiting for a bus like he do. & he was wearing a raggedy t-shirt with a hole in the armpit and jeans and combat boots cos he likes to look street tough, and he was looking at the ground like he do cos he likes peoples to think he's humble or introspective or working class or some shit, and he saw a shiny penny and bent to get it and collided with this other dude who was wearing the same outfit and who also liked to walk around with his head down, looking street tough & introspective at the same time.

The two bumped heads.

The two bumped heads and both said, Fuck.

The two bumped heads and both said, It's time for a monster to eat me now.

The two lifted their heads and looked at each other and said, Rrroooaaarrrr!

Then they both grinned shit-eating grins and were besties from then on.

They can be found besting it up at any dive bar in Chi-town. Just look for the twinkies wearing Kill Me Now (but I don't really mean it) t-shirts playing pool and ogling womens and pretending they won't score.

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  1. I heard they go to strip clubs and sit beside each other and interact only via smart phone texts. Roooaaaarrrr!