Saturday, March 12, 2011

mama was gonna be a hater

mama confesses. she sometimes hates. & sometimes her hate is petty. very petty actually.

mama was gonna post a petty hate post here about all the internets cliques & how the cliques just perpetuate their peoples & not the good writings. she was gonna try to put some humor in it & some good writing & make it post-modern or very meta or whateves.

but that's not what's this blog's for, maybe. at least not right now when mama's soul or whatever it is inside hurts so much that mama cannot even wait to pour and shake the whiskey with the sweet vermouth on ice. mama's just drinking whiskey followed by a vermouth chaser & calling that a manhattan. so mama might post her petty hate on her own blog. but she might not...

there is so much shit in this world right now. so much. so much more than a few weeks ago when mama was thinking about how much shit there was & how much humans sucked.

there is japan

there is libya

there is egypt

there is iran

there are many many more...

& then there is the us

& i will break it down for you but i won't break it down like george clinton cos this shit ain't funky

there is wisco & maybe the 100,000 people in Madison today might make a difference & either way mama gives them big motherfucking props, yo.

& there is michigan

& there is a eleven year old girl who was gang raped by 18 fucking men in Cleveland, Texas. EIGHTEEN fucking MEN. & there is a NY Times article that wonders what will happen to the 18 poor victims of this 11 year old child. mama fucking kids you not... the rapists ARE the victims in our fucked-up society. according to the article: "Among them is, if the allegations are proved, how could their young men have been drawn into such an act?"

here are some links to check out for yo self:

mama's gonna go drink herself stupid. don't call her in the morning.


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