Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Better Never than Late: This Week's Turn-Off

We're all for making lit fun and, dare we say this connotation-loaded word, accessible (not that http midget cares about being accessible to anyone outside their 15 or so regulars). But for the love of all things fucking sacred, people, can we stop the egregious, sexist, middle school circle jerking?

The most offensive thing about this isn't the objectification because let's face it, we care way less about dudes being objectified than chicas. Sometimes shit is just refreshing, ya know? The most offensive thing isn't even our usual decrying of a list of top ten anything that doesn't include women (You're all hot, ladies. All of you. All six of you that get any kind of cred on the intrawebz for writing of any kind. And we're sure your racks are amazing as well. Of course we want to see them, and not in an objectify-you kind of way. We also love your earrings, where did you get them? Oh, you made them? Can we buy a pair, plus a copy or two of your latest books? We love you like peanut butter crackers, we do.)  Nor is it the presumptuous insinuation that we want to see any of those dudes sans their not-that-ironic band t-shirts and plaid Gap boxers, but we're getting closer.

No, the most offensive thing about this is that it's the same white dudes, published in the same mags, by the same presses, with the same subject matter. Yep, we've read most of it. Sounds like some other stuff we've read, with a few exceptions (They Could No Longer Contain Themselves is awesome front to back. We wanna see its naughty bits.) Sounds like an echo.

Sounds like a circle jerk.

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