Saturday, June 25, 2011

guest post: Fleabie Jeebies = yeah, baby!

The following is a guest post by the fabulous Tracey P, whose blog  is awesome & whose company kept mama sane while stuck in the alabamaz...

Fleabie Jeebies – Girl on Girl on Girl guest blog

Mama and Baby (a.k.a. Tracey, a.k.a. Pearl) moseyed to Angel’s Antiques in Opelika, Alabama, on a hot Sunday afternoon in July to stave off soul-crushing boredom that makes outsiders living in Auburn want to pierce and tattoo every part of their bodies, shave their heads, and make out with same sex friends just to freak people out.  (Auburn people are easily freaked out – wearing all black will do it). 

Baby Pearl has been flea marketing since she was a kid – her hometown, Springfield, Missouri is junk-rich with antique stores, flea markets, and thrift shops.  Living outside the Queen City meant that her junkin’ was mostly on hiatus, though, since those dusty, mildew scented stores are less plentiful.  Imagine her delight when she discovered Angel’s Antiques – located in an old Wal-Mart store, full of antique treasures like old Fiesta dishes and crap like, well, about 75% of it.  Baby loves antiques and vintage stuffs, but more than half the fun of junkin’ is the wonder of what people cast off in garage sales, and hopeful junkers put in their booths. 
Mama and Baby started taking photos with their phones at Angel’s to boost the entertainment value of the trip.  What started out as just lookin’ around became a quest to document the creepy and bizarre.  The flea angels did not disappoint.  The photos became a half-finished outsider art project.

Almost a year later, her bestie Debi (a.k.a. Irma) perused the photos and said, “We should start a blog.  We could call it Fleabie Jeebies.”  OMG what a good idea. So Baby Pearl moved back to  Springfield, and when Irma came to visit, they started the blog ( 

Fleabie Jeebies features bizarre stuffs, nasty stuffs, and stuffs that should NOT be for sale:

Flea markets offer a random story of American and world history – for better and for worse.  Fleabie Jeebies will feature a category called “-isms” dedicated to evil racist homophobic sexist shit like a goddamn Nazi whatever that thing is that should be in a museum, where the proper context can be observed, rather than for someone to profit from.  Mama and Baby considered a stakeout to see WHO would buy this piece of evil, but the thing has been there for a while, so it would be a long wait, even though there’s not much better to do in East Alabama.

So Baby Pearl is in flea market central and along with Debi/Irma, she will be bringing to you the craptastic items that inspire both whimsy and snark at  A journey of the bizarre and the ridiculous, a fun time will be had by all. 

Here’s one for the road:

His name, we believe, is Glenn Beck.

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