Monday, April 25, 2011

Turn off: Omg. I hate human beings

mama hates the humans but mama loves the sexings...

here are some controversies (cuntroversies?)  about semen and sex and "feminism" (i.e. "women's groups") and duh, not all "women's groups" = all "feminists" just like not all democrats = progressive & not all republicans = batshitaynrandmotherfuckingcrazy, yo.

calling this "semengate" adds fuel to the fire, yo. makes the feminists who were offended seem crazy & you should read the comments cos they are not hilarious & if mama has a soul, well her soul is hurting & her soul is bruised & drinking andre brut in the dark.

mama had a boyfriend who had an ex who was a female ejaculator & he called her ejaculation piss. why doesn't anyone ever wanna talk about that? i call femalejaculatorgate on all y'all.

i guess, mama's point is all these stories surrounding sex do something that makes the sexings hard to get & that makes the understandings hard to get & that makes the rammings taboo & makes the dominating taboo & the ejaculating & the getting on top & meaning it taboo & all mama wants is to get laid with someone who turns her on & someone that is safe & someone that doesn't feel safe all at the same time...

& that's what depresses mama more than anything. cos those peeps are few & far between.


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